Oct 8, 2018

4 min read

TezoSlottery! A dedicated promotion for our delegators

Hello everyone again!

TezoSteam is happy to announce the first-ever Tezos lottery dedicated to our delegators. We will only use Tezos blockchain to do that, and it will be totally free! Here you can find prizes, rules and FAQ


There are 11 prizes up for grabs for October’s lottery

1 Super Prize — 100 tezzies

2nd Prize — 40 tezzies

3rd Prize — 20 tezzies

8 consolation prizes — 5 tezzies each

How to get tickets for the lottery

You have to delegate to us in order to receive tickets! We just ask you to send a very small transaction (even of 0,000001 tz) to this address: tz1Zd4v9WLbKC8rtwQaGxyHAYRnesP4DDc7A

Send this from the KT1 address that is currently delegating to us with a positive balance if you have 0 tezzies in the account, you can’t receive tickets! You need to do this only once, not at every cycle, and you will be counted for the whole lottery.

VERY IMPORTANT! Please check that you are sending the transaction from a KT1 address delegating to us, we can’t count tz1’s and of course we can’t count people delegating elsewhere!

We have to do this is to avoid that passive delegators win extra tezzies! We want our active participants to do that.

How many tickets you will get

For October’s lottery, we will consider your balance for all the snapshots happening this month from now on, sum them and divide by 1000. That will be your amount of tickets. If you have a fraction of a ticket, that will be counted as a full ticket

EXAMPLE: if the sum of your balances in the cycles happening in October is 17223 tezzies, you will get 18 tickets.

What balance will be counted?

We count down your balance to the 4th decimal, of course if you are delegating to us at the snapshot considered!

Please notice that if when we extract winners you are not delegating to us, you will forfeit ALL YOUR TICKETS. The min balance you have to keep is 100 tezzies.

When the lottery will happen?

It will be after the last cycle that happens in October. We can’t give a precise time because every cycle is slightly faster or slower; we’ll make an announcement when the times comes to announce the winning blocks — please keep reading for more details.

Now for who loves them, a bit of technical details. They can be boring, but we post them for max transparency!

What is my ticket “number”?

We will publish a public list of all the KT1 participating; they will be ordered by balance. Given that every ticket has the same odds of winning, this is just the “easiest” way to assign tickets. The tickets start from 0


Participant A has a summed balance of 432954 tz

Participant B has a summed balance of 195444 tz

Participant C has a summed balance of 185331 tz

A will have tickets #0-#432; B will get #433-#628; C #629-#814

And so on

How are the winning tickets determined?

We will look at the “nonce” of the block. This is an hexadecimal number and we can’t control it in any way, so it’s 100% fair.

The nonce is a very long number. According to the number of tickets, we’ll consider:

Last 2 digits (If there are 256 tickets or less)

Last 3 digits (if there are 4096 tickets or less)

Last 4 digits (if there are 65536 tickets or less)

The number is hexadecimal, so we’ll convert it into decimal. A-F account for 10–15


253 hexadecimal is not 253 in decimal! It is

2*(16)²+5*(16)¹+3= ticket #595

With same logic, A8B is ticket #2699

We’ll publish the block from when we’ll start “extracting” the nonces, after the end of the last snapshot. Be sure to follow us in the chat to have fun together!

For max transparency, consider that the nonces are available also on

What happens If the nonce doesn’t have a ticket? What if, there are 3533 tickets but nonce 3988 is extracted?

We move to the next nonce! Good thing there is an infinite supply of blocks coming

What if a ticket is extracted twice?

This a rare occurrence, but a ticket can’t win twice. Therefore also in this case we’ll move to the next block. We’ll continue until we have 11 winners

Which one is the order of the prizes?

The tickets are extracted from the less important to the more important. So, the 1st prize is the last nonce

How and when will I get my tezzies?

If you win, we will be happy to share your prize straight into your kt1 account :)

When is the extraction going to be, precisely?

If the last cycle of October is on the 31st, CET time, we’ll manage the lottery in the first days of November. We’ll announce the precise block in advance, then it’s all about some luck!