Iotex — Comparative reward analysis & Promo extension

3 min readMay 31, 2019


Hello to all the Iotexers!

In StakingTeam we strongly believe in transparency. We always welcome every single operator in the network; we believe that it’s important that many operators join the crew, to provide a better service to all the community.

In StakingTeam as you know if you are delegating with us, the level of service and the transparency are literally the center of our universe. And Iotex Team is just a clear expression of what we think.

Our dashboard gives a clear evidence on how much a single delegator is making. You don’t have to trust us, you have to trust the numbers and the blockchain.

Iotex is a great project, but the rewarding system is quite complicated. There are 3 sources of rewards, one being proportional (epoch), the other fixed (bonus) and the 3rd one is semi-fixed (block reward), considering that in the long run the number of blocks produced by everyone will stay on the same percentage.

This complexity leads to the possibility to misplay with the rewards. This might even be done without malice, but it’s possible to communicate that you are getting a certain amount of reward while, in fact, you aren’t.

We made a comparative table of all the 18 current Consensus delegates, tracking rewards for 1 week (168 epochs). You can find the results here, by operator, reward, yearly projection and actual ROI. A small amount (give or take, 0,1%) might be luck-related.

Real data from epoch 769–936

Disclaimer: the reward shouldn’t be the only reason to choose a validator over another. Transparency, commitment, assistance, level of service, developments for the project are also to be considered

Some important notes to better understand the table

  • A very big validator will give you less than a smallish one. Considering that there are 2 fixed rewards, it means that the same pie is shared among more users.
  • Fee makes a huge difference, but not as what is shared (if some of the rewards aren’t shared, for example).
  • Many operators are still under a “promotional phase”; we are, too. In some cases is hard to understand what are they sharing or even if they are paying out, but we made the estimation assuming the most generous possible interpretation of their policy.
  • Finally, some operators are very involved in the community. It makes sense that they give less back, cause the contribute in a different way. Others, simply, aren’t.

We had a chat with some people that weren’t even able to understand what they were getting, and we created this table to make your life easier.

We aren’t telling that you should all delegate to us or to one of the “top returning delegators” — as you might understand now, a very big delegator loses proportionally some of the rewards. But, we are sure, that a bit more transparency might be good for everyone.

We kindly invite all the consensus delegates to let us know their policies, if not stated clearly, and their payout frequency to provide a better service to the community.

For Iotex Team, it’s always time for a promo!

We like our position in that table. Therefore, we decided to increase the promotion of “95% total share” for the next 680 epochs — up to epoch 1608 (First 10 weeks!)