Harmony top validators: a closer look

3 min readMay 25, 2020
Current top 10 Harmony validators for expected return in Epoch 190

Sometimes cold numbers can be tricky to read, and when you need to make a decision you may want to look deeper to discover that maybe 7 is 1!

We have analyzed the official validators’ parameters to evaluate how we are performing compared to our competitors; in the image above you can see the top-10 elected Harmony validators, sorted by expected return on most recent epoch 190.

We stand at seventh place, which is not bad per se, but we have reason to believe everyone should better delegate StakingTeam right now, instead of other validators. In order to explain why we think that, we need to acknowledge first that expected return is going down every epoch (and it’s perfectly fine, it’s game design); so in our opinion it is crucial to check who’s performing best, as far as return goes down for everyone.

In the chart below you’ll find expected returns (ER) from top validators for the last 3 epochs, sorted by performance progress:

What does that mean?

You can see how ER varied in the recent Epochs. StakingTeam is the only validator who managed to actually increase its performance, by 2%, while all the others pejorated. You can argue that our performance was worst in the past, while others were doing better: we have an explanation for that too. We developed an optimization algorithm in epoch 189 that gave immediate results and will keep giving us an edge.

In the end what matters tho is the performance you can expect when you choose your validator.

Let’s take a look at other parameters, very important nonetheless, as total stake (in millions), fees and uptime:

Uptime is something you want to keep your eye on, as it impacts your rewards; StakingTeam is staying at the top like it’s used to with all of its nodes. We are currently charging zero fees which makes it even clearer who you should delegate to (that’s going to change sooner or later tho, as we happen to run a business and need to make a profit :D )


StakingTeam is a top Harmony validator (no surprises here), currently ranked #7 for Expected Return in the current Epoch; but StakingTeam is the best performing validator if you look at dynamic data from last three Epochs.

On top of that we are charging zero fees as a promotion AND we got the second best uptime (very close to the top).

Despite being clearly your best option to delegate ONE, we currently have only 21.7 ONE millions in our stake, sitting at #13 in stakes ranking.

So what you’re waiting for? Delegate your ONE to StakingTeam now to earn the best rewards and support Harmony Protocol!

If you have any questions just hop into our Telegram channels or send us an email, all our contacts are listed below.

Thanks! ❤


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